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    Hello! Thanks for checking out the Monthly Build Competition.
    This comp changes theme each and every month, giving our players a new chance to
    build what they enjoy in hopes of winning! Please take the short amount of time to read the whole form, seeing as how it will most likely answer any question you have.

    Prizes Include:
    Money - Cosmic Gear
    Mythic Gear - Mob Spawners
    Rare Item Special Winners Prize
    Mob Eggs - A rank if you are a wanderer
    and more!



    1. Build must be at least 20x20 in size.
    2. Build must relate to the monthly theme.
    3. Inappropriate builds will get you disqualified.
    4. One build per entry.
    5. Players can submit a build together but the prize money will be split.
    6. DO NOT use schematics or copy builds from videos/images/other sources.
    7. Be sure to claim your build and leave the coordinates or home set name in a signed book.
    8. Drop the SIGNED book in the hopper provided at /warp bc. Be sure to include usernames of all players who helped make the entry.


    Please note the following things:

    If 5+ people do not enter the monthly build comp, it will be canceled for the month!

    You could always look to the warp we have on the server, /warp buildcomp, our einfo command, /buildcomp or ask an admin/owner any question you may have.

    Failure to obtain your prizes within 30 days automatically revokes all your rights to those prizes, meaning they are no longer yours. (sorry, you could always try again next month)

    The build competition will end on the last day of each month.

    **everything on this forum is subject to change**

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