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By Luna on Aug 3, 2017 at 3:54 PM
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    Hey there guys. So I’m about to drop some heavy news that will affect every player. Starting with the posting of this status the server will have three weeks before we completely wipe the map and update to 1.12.
    >Listen to Glitter personally talk about this here<


    1.12 is something all of us want, staff and players alike. However due to the huge changes 1.11 and 1.12 make to the way maps are and how some of the basic features function in minecraft, it means we are going to have hard clean the server. I avoided it and put if off for long cause I was hoping it would not need to happen that we need to map reset. But the player count has been dropping recently and it is my strong opinion this is due to the server being two updates behind.

    I’m wanting a super reset so all players will start out new with pretty much nothing. Player Vaults will not transfer over. This may sound discouraging and this may make us lose players but I ask that you understand that allowing PVs will just mean players sneaking in hundreds of spawners. That’s not okay. Note: If you’ve purchased cosmic gear, kits, etc we can restore those to you once the new map is up and we are open.

    Now I know we just emergency server reset in February so this map has only been up 5 months, for that I am extremely upset we have to reset but it’s either stay 1.10 and keep 10 players max a day or bite the bullet and get us on 1.12. Servers go through phases of having errors happen from time to time and hopefully this is our last hiccup. I’m sure we all miss the server keeping a steady player flow.


    There is still something else major to address. The current plugin we use to give players their ranks is called “Group Manager” this plugin stopped getting updated around 1.8 but by the grace of some unknown god it’s remained workable for 1.10. Sadly though after searching all over this plugin is not functionable on 1.12. This means we are going to switch to another rank managing plugin. This means players are going to have to manually be added to their proper ranks. If your rank was not bought through the Aura/Lunar webstore we are going to need you to work with us a little in the next 3 weeks.

    To break this down; this means if you won a rank from a drop party, bought a rank with points, or if you have a rank from shimmer days you will need to /mail send Glitter OR /mail send Storm your in game name or any alts you have who have won ranks. It will also be super appreciated if you spread this around to your friends.

    If you bought a rank, kits, pets, trails, etc. from AuraVale/Lunarvale webstore then you do not have to send us a mail. As a back up though you may want to keep a screenshot of your receipts you get in your email. If Glitter or Storm are online we won’t need to see your receipts however you will need them if you are redeeming your things to an admin.

    If you won a rank in a drop party: /mail send Glitter or /mail send Storm
    If you earned a rank with points: /mail send Glitter or /mail send Storm
    If you have a rank from Shimmer: /mail send Glitter or /mail send Storm

    Not sure which of us to mail or what to say?
    If your fave color is purple, yellow, green, white or brown /mail send Glitter "Hey my username is _____ and I am ______ rank."
    If your fave color is pink, blue, orange, black or other /mail send Storm "Hey my username is _____ and I am ______ rank."


    Things that will stay:
    - Artmaps you’ve made. However staff will have to manually give these back to you so please be patient.
    - Playtime

    Things that will not stay:
    - The map
    - Claimblocks
    - Balance
    - McMMo
    - Jobs
    - Warps
    - Home sets
    - Mall plots
    - Bold Nicknames/ perm chat color Unless you bought the book for them from the webstore

    It is currently undecided if there will be a download available for you to be able to save the map.


    Again I want to stress, after you rejoin the server when all of this happens you may not have a rank. DO NOT FREAK OUT. kindly message a Tech, Admin or Glitter and they will hook you up.
    We're looking at the server being down a total of 3 days at the least from August 23rd to the 26th for these changes to take place.

    If there are any questions you want to ask in regards to all of this happening please message myself, Glitter, or Storm/Bannah through discord.
    BriGlitter#5649 - bannah#0924​
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Discussion in 'Server Updates & News' started by Luna, Aug 3, 2017.

    1. Mario_Miner123
      I'm so exited! I've always wanted this server to be 1.12 and it's finally happening! If you don't mind, i have a few questions about this change:

      Will we still have our voting points, or will they be taken away too?

      You mentioned something about perm chatcolor, but will regular chatcolors be wiped? (If it helps someone who donated for their chatcolor gave it to me, so mine was from the store)

      Finally, will buildcomp still continue for this month? If so, will builds be judged before the reset and prizes given after?

      Thank you for consideration, and for the change!
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    2. Rayo
      Hai Mariu, about the BuildComp,I already asked Emily aka Buns n she told me no competition this month :)
      and bout the points....I don't think it is fair to keep em bcoz some ppl used em for stuff that they'll loose.and this happened when eco was reset...hope ya got my point. :p
    3. Mario_Miner123
      That makes sense, thanks ray
    4. Luna
      Just gonna make this a little list to hit on it faster. :D

      1.Points will stay because this is something players earned and can be transferred easily to the new map. Also many players have thousands of them saved up and I'd feel bad wiping those.

      2. If you have chat color from the webstore then yes you can be given the book back or us restore your permanent permissions. However if it was won from a drop party then no, we won't be restoring those.

      3. Build comp will be halted so players have full month to dedicate to it with no pressure of the impending reset.
    5. Redtrain22
      More players everyone starts fresh (Plain and Simple). Seems good, and It will be interesting to start fresh again. Especially since anyone (with the tools) would just be able to bring cosmic tools and mine stone and wood like it's nothing. Now for, maybe 24 hours, there's new players, new world, you can't fly all the way across to the borders, no tppos (for higher ranks) this will be interesting. This should be a good update (also my opinion here), but the one thing I'm sad about is that all the cool items that I've had collected over the years are going to be gone. I don't care about losing the god sets I have (well kinda collectors item there) it's shame to see all these item go (when you realize you're going to loose a Brirae head FUCK), but when hasn't stuff like this happened

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    6. Bluecrystal_991
      We will lose all of our stuff also..?, like the mythic kit that I've gotten from RytyGDK?
    7. Mario_Miner123
    8. Relinqution
      Any items that you did not purchase from the webstore will be lost.

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