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By Luna on Jan 9, 2017 at 1:54 PM
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    As most of you have noticed by now we've had to remove a few plugins that are fairly cosmetic but we still have grown to see as vital.

    A week ago staff and a few players noticed that elevators were getting to be super buggy, more so than usual. We didn't remove the plugin yet cause we wanted to see if we could figure out where the issue was, since so many of us like the elevator plugin. Fast-forward a two days and its gotten major buggy, it rendered a few chunks unload-able so we had to remove the whole plugin as a precaution. It was a high risk that anyone with an elevator could have gotten a buggy chunk that would make their game crash every time they walked in the chunk. Removing the plugin made it 100% safe that it would not happen.

    However even though we removed it we had a few errors pop up in the server console that had to do with other plugins causing errors. Due to this you guys saw how the server kept crashing. So many errors were happening the server would manually shut down to prevent damage. The techs and upper staff apologize for this, as it seemed to happen when a majority of us were out of town, asleep, or almost there. As a fix to stop the server from auto shutting down we had to remove a few more plugins that were possibly causing the console to fill with errors.

    The plugins removed were Exotic Gardens, Playtime, Fast Craft, Tree Chop, Elevators and a few others that won't effect you guys. Please know these various plugins will be added back soon. We can't add them back all at one time since we are trying to avoid errors and make sure we do not add back a plugin this is not safe. Please keep in mind too that myself (Bri/Glitter), Rayne/Love, Devon/Warning, Bannah/Storm, and Brayden/gz, are only human. Putting together a server is like putting together a puzzle. It takes a little work to get all the pieces to fit together perfectly and to function.

    Be patient with us and we will keep things going as smoothly as we possibly can. If you should encounter anything you think is a bug or really odd please /mail send Glitter or Love.
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Discussion in 'Server Updates & News' started by Luna, Jan 9, 2017.

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