Halloweenie Time boiiiIiiiss

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    Let's get down to boosiness and explain this
    Trick or Treating Event!

    Promptly on Sunday October the 29th at 6pm CST the Halloween Event Arena will be opening and players may flood in! You will be introduced to the sleepy suburb of Sleepy Vale. The Event will last the rest of the night!

    Enter the world of Sleepy Vale; the long forgotten suburb that saw a boom in population when emeralds were discovered in her shifting mountains. After the mines shifted endlessly, causing landslides and suffocating hundreds of mine workers within, the industry dispersed as quickly as it came. Some tales say if you walk around the mountain walls you may still hear the cries of workers trying to escape and go home. The mines have never been safe since the day they collapsed, families moved out but some have chosen to stay and hope to someday see the town lively again. Till then the grass grows in patches, a weird wind howls through the trees all the time and it always looks dreary with lightning in the clouds.

    For one day only the nice people of Sleepy Vale will be letting players of all sorts visit each home door to door. Players will be given candy which will then give them access to special loot crates where they have a chance to unlock rare items and other goodies!

    If you see someone is not home at the time then check back later! However if a home member sees that you have visited on many occasions they will not give you anymore candy!
    Don't be greedy >:O

    See you there and be sure to wear your best costume!


Discussion in 'Server Updates & News' started by Luna, Oct 14, 2017.

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