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By Luna on Jun 16, 2017 at 11:01 AM
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    As many of you have now noticed the server balance has been reset for everyone. Please before you get mad/annoyed/negative about this please realize I did this for the good of the server and players.
    Taking yourself out of your usual view please view the server as a new player. Most people on already have a huge base, that's fine new players can keep up with that. BUT majority of players have a balance of 15 million or more. This can really dissuade a player from wanting to play. They feel they already don't have a good chance of influencing the economy and either don't aim to compete for it or leave the server.

    Even usual players now lose drive to compete for baltop seeing how much of an advantage some players have. This is not a bad thing, those players have for sure worked hard for their baltop. I tip my hat to those players for adding competition to the server and keeping players engaged. At some point though when you're so far ahead of the race people won't compete. So due to that I have reset the server balances for everyone.

    I did not warn you guys of this for one main reason. I tell you Eco reset is coming and so many players would buy stack after stack of valuable items to be able to sell after the reset, pushing them right back up to baltop.

    I thank all of you being understanding of this. And for those who are still upset I ask you please keep your complaints to a hush so as to not damper another players experience.


    Here is money cat wishing you good ventures in your new money ventures!
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Discussion in 'Server Updates & News' started by Luna, Jun 16, 2017.

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