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    The main Event for the weekend before Christmas will of course be our awesome Drop Party! Every rank will have a respective book dropped for it, some more than just one. ;) And most certainly the envied Cosmic Rank will be rolled to see who wins it!


    "What other jollies are to be had this season?!"
    So glad you asked...

    The Christmas Arena Event - The Christmas Arena will be opened the afternoon of December 16th. You can enjoy the special arena Jester, NohWayNoah and Luna have built for you to enjoy. BUT hidden all around the arena you will find small wrapped presents. Count all those presents then find the special guessing area and submit your guess! The players who guess the correct amount will be given some rare items and other goodies. Guessing right will totally be worth the time but only one entry will be counted so do your best!

    Win a fully furnished home - In the comments for this post I want to see some gingerbread men/women! Draw me a little gingercookie character and upload its picture in the comments here. Also give me a short paragraph about them. Tell me what they like to do for fun, who made them, what their personality is, anything you can. Give em long hair, short hair, a pair of shorts, a skirt, a bag, it's your vision I want to see. Be creative and make players entertained. Doesn't matter if you draw like a chicken or Michaelangelo. Luna will have final say who wins but likes will also be accounted for too. Be sure to mention your in game username somewhere in your post. (One entry per person)

    But the most important event of all... SANTA IS COMING TO LUNARVALE!
    Santa in Lunarvale - You heard me! In the Christmas Arena find the Santa Clause throne and send Santa your Christmas wishlist (signed book)! This can be anything from cosmic items, rank upgrades, rare items, slime fun items, there is no bad item to ask for! Write him a whole list of things you wish to have, no matter how silly or specific. All of your items may be gifted, some of your items may gifted. Regardless, as long as you submit a Christmas list you will be getting something. To make sure Santa can easily find you and you can easily find your gifts, make sure you have a home set called "home" or make one named "Santa". ( If you do not have a home set or a Santa titled home then your gift will be placed at the first claim in your /claimlist.)

    Deadline for Santa in Lunarvale - December 24th
    Deadline for
    Win a Fully Furnished Home - December 31st


    The season of bright holidays is upon us ladies and gents (and cats) so lets spend this month being kinder to each other, tis the season of giving. Let us practice warm thoughts and tolerance towards all so as to make our daily lives easier. Bless all of you, no matter your race, religion, or creed of any kind and may only good things find you this season.

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    1. blondekop
      Here we meet.. Gingerbread Morty! :D
      Some people may call him Morty the evil cookie.
      Morty, has been made by an evil professor named iAlwaysDie. He managed to escape the factory.. But sadly lost one eye.
      Morty isn't really evil.. even though he always helps people, everyone thinks he is evil because of he's bad backstory.. Even though he is an open and friendly character.
      You can recognize cookie morty by he's eye lap. and he's yellow shirt.
      For fun morty likes to help people, everyone and everywhere he can! :D
      The only bad thing about cookie morty.. Is that he loves to drink monster.. and might steal it :eek:..
      - Made by iAlwaysDie_ (inspired by Rick and Morty.)
      ( Yes i draw like a chicken :D thankyou! ) Gingerbread Morty 2.0.jpg
    2. Rayo
      Hai @Luna what's the deadline for "Win a fully furnished home"
    3. Luna
      Its in the post. December 31st o;
    4. Goober
      mmy gingerbread man!

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    5. Aqualianna

      Meet Gin-gi. He's a one of a kind, Persona fanatic! And who's to say what he can and cannot do. He auditioned for the Main character's role but was rejected, although he's not sure as to why (perhaps its the fact he's a gingerbread man). But that won't stop him from summoning his persona for the Christmas season!

      ((IGN: Aqualianna))

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    6. Inspred
      Not proud of it, but here's something.

      Made by a child years ago, Ginger is a gingerbread cookie who as been through a lot. The child's mother was very strict on her young child that she insisted the cookie must be better, throwing Ginger, and many other gingerbread cookies who didn't make the cut, into the trash. Ginger managed to escape the garbage truck before it was too late, but lost one of her m&m eyes. The icing holding her face together slowly degraded, and became the mess it is now.

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    7. Jeremiah_Bull
      Meet Paris Andromeda (An Drom Me Duh). Created by Jeremiah_Bull, (in game name) they were born into this world to do wild things. By night, Paris is a famous Drag Queen. By day, Paris likes to keep it simple and do their favorite passtime: Create youtube videos!! Paris plays all kinds of games, Minecraft included (DUH)! They also do plenty of videos teaching people how to do simple makeup looks, or even the most colorful drag looks. They love to adventure in the woods (When they have free time, that is!!), and sometimes just have a simple night out or movie night with friends. Paris love to create things any time she can so she's always changing her look and making all types of videos. She makes things anyone can enjoy! Paris wants nothing more in this world than to just live life to the fullest, and she's determined to do just that!

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