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By Luna on Jan 13, 2018 at 4:08 PM
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    Hello friends! I'm wanting to get an exciting new plugin tested out and sorted but before that I need testers. One of the perks of Cosmic is to be able to test plugins for us so I ask that all cosmic rank members do some testing out for the good of the server.

    This plugin will add vehicles to the server. To test it out I will add a list of commands below.
    /bikeshop - A motorbike that can have a passenger of any rank.
    /carshop - A small car that can have a passenger of any rank.
    /trainshop - A train caboose, must be placed on a railway.
    /raftshop - A small boat, must be placed on water.
    /planeshop - A large plane that can have a passenger of any rank. To fly it get it running fast then look up. Looking up makes it go up and looking down steers it down.
    /helicoptershop - It's loud, it's proud, it's on season 3 of Rupaul's allstars.
    /parachuteshop - A small parachute that floats you down. Must be placed in the sky.
    /tankshop - Not a tanktop shop. A tank that shoots fireballs. Hole a fire charge and right click.
    /submarineshop - A small submarine that you place in water.
    /broomshop - a broom, ya witch. fly away #slytherinlife #mydadboughtthewholequidditchteamanimbus2001

    Things to note!
    - To remove a vehicle and put it back in your inventory just shift and right click it.
    - sometimes the vehicle will be weird shaped when you take turns. This is normal and can't be helped.
    - Trains sometimes come off the rails. Just break it and replace it.
    - These are somewhat difficult to control but once they get going smooth they are fast.
    - There is a small price on them for now but it is not much.

    To report all bugs please use "/mail send Luna [bug details]"

    Thank you all to those who help test this for me! I look forward to having these in the web store soon. These vehicles will be free to cosmic rank after the beta testing as well. All your help will help the server get this up in the web store soon for others to purchase! :D (I have not set a price yet, do not ask me. <3 )



Discussion in 'Server Updates & News' started by Luna, Jan 13, 2018.

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