If you've been having trouble connecting to the server the past few days, it's probably because you're using our old IP. We apologize for any inconvenience it has caused, however in order to connect to the server again you'll need to use the new IP.
Hi guys!
Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few weeks; We've been super busy on a new project that I'll soon be telling you all about, but for now, I guess a Drop party will suffice.
{ D R O P P A R T Y }

We will be hosting another Drop Party on
Saturday, July 23 @ 3pm Central Standard Time
Need to know what time this is where you are? Use this converter:

A few items that will be dropped during this event include:

- Rank Books (ALL ranks will be dropped at this drop party!)
- Font Books & Chatcolor Books
- All Kits
- Player and Deco Heads
- Rare, Custom Items
- Money

- & much, MUCH more!

Please mark your calendars and join us on the server!
Welcome to our new website!
We hope you enjoy this new space that will serve as the new online hub for all things LunarVale!
Feel free to look around and post in the forums! Staff will be active here and on the server to answer your questions.


From now on, this will be the official source to release all news updates and information regarding the server. The old Enjin page will eventually become inaccessible.
If there are any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave a response to this post and get some conversations going!

Bannah & the rest of the staff team @ LunarVale