Hello friends! Many of you may not know that this map was set on December 5th 2015. This means a lot of the players we have, have had the same base and homes for quite a while. Lately the staff has been debating about when we would want to map reset or if we would want to at all.

Since there are no rules about being offline and losing your builds it means even if someone joins for two hours and is offline for 6 months, whatever they built will never be removed or allowed to be griefed. This means cluttered areas are all over the map, especially outside public server warps, and it's hard to do /rtp without running in to someone's build close by. Please also keep in mind that you may be a member who has only played a few days/weeks but there are a lot of members who have been playing almost the full year to 6 months and up. Please do not be selfish in your decision ex. "I started last week no way I want to lose my progress!"

In this thread we are wanting to get our player's ideas on how they feel about a reset. If the majority vote is yes we will of course give a few weeks in advance letting you know it will be reset to assure as many players as possible know of it. If the majority vote is no then we will not reset but will possibly balance reset and find another means to bring challenge back for veteran members.

Things you can look forward to if the "yes" is a majority vote:
- New map, new you.
- New map who dis.
- More to explore.
- A chance to snag an Elytra from The End.
- Start a town with your new friends you met on the server.
- No more abandoned builds all over the place.
- You won't have to look at Bannah's old house ever again.
- Now that you learned how to make a cool base you can now make an even cooler one.
- The day before a reset we would have PURGE DAY - We back up player vaults and points then allow pvp and griefing.

The reason we won't transfer over spawners is due to them being such a big money maker. If we let you take spawners then there is no point to a map or balance reset.

- What you have in your inventory will not be saved.
- What you put in your enderchest will not be saved.
- Your home sets will not be saved.
- Your MCMMO stats will not be saved.

- Your player vaults WILL be saved.
- Spawners will not transfer over. (Even if they're in a pv)
- Your player balance will be reset to $500 .
- I made Bannah like Korean Pop Music.
- You
WILL keep your claim blocks.
- The End and Nether will be reset.
- SlimeFun will be reset.
- You
WILL keep your points.

I look forward to hearing everyone's ideas and seeing where the player base stands on this proposal. This thread will be up for two weeks before we close voting so be sure to vote or leave a comment while you can! If we do decide to reset there is no set date, as we may try and hold out for 1.11
Please note that you CANNOT join the server with 1.9.2! You MUST use 1.9.4 or above!
If you've been having trouble connecting to the server the past few days, it's probably because you're using our old IP. We apologize for any inconvenience it has caused, however in order to connect to the server again you'll need to use the new IP.
Hi guys!
Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few weeks; We've been super busy on a new project that I'll soon be telling you all about, but for now, I guess a Drop party will suffice.
{ D R O P P A R T Y }

We will be hosting another Drop Party on
Saturday, July 23 @ 3pm Central Standard Time
Need to know what time this is where you are? Use this converter:

A few items that will be dropped during this event include:

- Rank Books (ALL ranks will be dropped at this drop party!)
- Font Books & Chatcolor Books
- All Kits
- Player and Deco Heads
- Rare, Custom Items
- Money

- & much, MUCH more!

Please mark your calendars and join us on the server!
Welcome to our new website!
We hope you enjoy this new space that will serve as the new online hub for all things LunarVale!
Feel free to look around and post in the forums! Staff will be active here and on the server to answer your questions.


From now on, this will be the official source to release all news updates and information regarding the server. The old Enjin page will eventually become inaccessible.
If there are any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave a response to this post and get some conversations going!

Bannah & the rest of the staff team @ LunarVale