Join us on Saturday April the 15th at 3PM CST ! A unique DP to take place in a new Easter Arena, brought to you by Fleursy, NohwayNoah and BossyB. There is a countdown for the DP on the right side of the website, below the shoutbox. Hope to see lots of you there!

Saturday April 15th - Monday 17th
Fleursy is eggcited to host an eggcellent Easter Eggvent! Count as many eggs as you can and leave a book in the hopper set up at /warp EggHunt ! This will be a super tricky (not like the staff member) eggvent and will take a lot of thinking outside the box, or basket. It will be eggcruciating! Don't egghaust yourself and eggxert too much eneggry try to eggcede the compeggtition. im sorry
Server is back up for good now :) If you find you are missing any items please '/mail send' any of the owners or admins and we will look in to it! If you'd like to add any of the owners on Skype you may.
Be sure to give Bannah a lil toot for all her hard work and help. She lost hours of sleep getting it up as soon as she did.

Owner Skypes
Storm: Bannnnah
Love: RayneGrim
Glitter: Briwitching
Hello precious friends! I hope you are all turning a page for 2017 and facing each day with kindness! I also hope you all make even more super cool friends on the server than you did in 2016. However, with meeting people there are a few things to keep in mind.

Meeting new people can be super fun and exciting, as it should be, but it can also be quite dangerous. Most of you, I hope, have had a parent or guardian talk to you about the dangers of the internet and knowing how smart you are you told them you understand and not to worry. The issue is though sometimes you may not know you are doing something potentially harmful and you should worry, or at least be cautious. Please be very VERY warry of who you add on Skype, Instagram, or Snapchat and all around avoid kik. ​

Now, many of you know a lot of upper staff are a fair bit older than the players so we’ve seen/experienced some scary and dangerous things. The biggest mistake you can make in meeting people online is trusting them too soon and telling them too much information about you. NEVER release your full name to anyone, not even to staff, we don’t need to know it ans will never ask for it. Also avoid having usernames or account profile names with your last name in it, this makes you quite easy to find online. Especially avoid passwords with your name in them. ​

We don’t enforce the rule that you need to be 14 years or older to play however we will be expecting you to act mature enough if you choose to play here. Most of you are teens or are about to be. Your parents are giving you a bit more freedom and privacy. That’s great, however please keep in mind some of these general tips of safety when playing on servers, getting too comfortable with your new found freedom can put you in danger.

Server Safety Tips
1.Do not give out personal information like your full name, address, phone number, etc. Same goes with giving out a friends.

2. If you are talking to someone or see something that makes you feel uncomfortable tell a staff member. We will deal with it quietly and quickly.

3. NEVER agree to meet someone from online unless you have talked thoroughly with a parent about it and they plan to go with you.

4. Don’t post pictures of yourself online.

5. If someone sends you a mail or message that is mean or inappropriate please contact staff. Again, we will deal with it quickly and quietly.

6. Let your parent’s know what server you are playing on. They may be curious what you are doing on minecraft. Show them the server and let them see how much we are here to help you have fun and protect you too.

7. NEVER give out passwords to your accounts or anyone else's accounts.

8. Always be appropriate yourself and keep your chat clean aside from the occasional curse word.

Stay safe and always keep your safety and comfort above anyone else's needs.
Long time no speak! I'm sorry that I have been MIA for the past week or so, but this post will detail a timeline of what's been going on with the server for the past few days.

Friday, January 6th @ 2am CST
The server encountered massive errors, causing it to crash. This crash revealed (and most likely caused) massive chunk errors on a player's land. Their builds and progress was completely reset and the land looked as if it had never been touched.

We started rifling around, looking for errors and trying to find some sort of solution to this problem. We were unsuccessful. The affected area spanned tens of thousands of chunks. We knew as a whole that we couldn't leave the map in this condition, as it wasn't healthy.

I (Bannah) regioned off the affected area to the best of my ability and kept players from entering until we resolved the issue.

We had options at this time. We could try and fix the errors or put in a backup of the map made the previous Monday. If we put in the backup made of the map, all players would've lost progress made for around five days. Myself, Bri and Rayne were being faced with a tough decision after we discovered that we weren't going to be able to fix the errors in the map on our own.

Sunday, January 8th
I left for vacation and while en route, Rayne messaged me, telling me that the server had been fixed, by updating a few files. I was relieved alongside everybody else who was working on the issue. We thought all was well.

Monday, January 9th - 12th
The server went down again, logging over 32,000 errors. We were at a loss as to what was going on, as we were sure we had fixed the issue the previous day. Now, instead of just a portion of the map being affected by the regeneration error, the ENTIRETY of the map was now affected and the server could not be played on.

I can only speak for myself, but i'd be lying if I said that I wasn't dejected and frustrated. We had no clue where to go from here or how to fix this situation. I was out of the state in an area with no internet connection, supposed to be enjoying a vacation. All the while, Bri and Rayne are back home working on the server, trying to give me updates and just figure out why this was happening.

This process went on for the next 3 days. The server was down and we were all clueless as to why the map files were so unhealthy. We were now faced with the prospect of having to scrap the entire map and start anew. We even considered moving the server on to new hardware in an effort to solve this problem. We weren't sure that putting in the backup made the previous week would solve our problem. We didn't know where the problem even began let alone where it was.

We were all ready to give up, to be completely honest. The map wasn't playable and we knew that players would be upset and possibly leave if we had to reverse progress or reset the map all together.

Thankfully, in the end, we were able to solve our issues, only losing minimal amounts of progress.

- Map progress has been reversed back about a week and a half.
(this was unavoidable, and was the only way other than a full reset that we could get the server back up again)
- Some plugins have been removed. We aren't sure that we will ever be able to put them back in. Some or all of these plugins caused massive errors and are possibly the cause of our entire ordeal. We cannot promise if these plugins will ever be put back onto the server.
( Lift, ExoticGarden, and MobArena )
- If you notice any significant changes to anything OTHER THAN your map progress, i.e. ranks or other purchased items. PLEASE contact us IMMEDIATELY.

And finally,
I would personally love to thank all the the administrative team who worked endlessly to figure this issue out and resolve our problems in the most efficient and effective way possible. From the bottom of my heart, you guys mean the world to me and I could not have done this without you and would never want to see a day that you guys aren't working alongside me on this server. Specifically Bri and Rayne, you guys are the heart and soul of this place and I am forever indebted to you both. Thank you for your commitment and coming along with me when I proposed this crazy scheme over a year ago.

Love, Bannah.
Hey guys just wanted to give you all an update on what's going on. We know the server is still down and we've had people actively working on it in and out for the past day or so. Technicians and Rayne are treating this like a tag team, one them has to go to bed and the other one pops up to step in. We're trying to get it up as soon as we can but we also know rushing this will cause more issues and we're wanting to be super thorough.

The reason the server needed to be shut down is due to chunks not regenerating. Basically you could make a nice little home in your area, tp away to shop, and come back to find your home is no longer built and all the land you cleared for it is back. Since this issue can be caused by a number of things we have to be careful what we move around and update as far as plugins and even spigot itself. Please please please be very patient with us, we really want to get the server back up too. (I'm so bored I made myself a sweater from cat hair)


As for a short little FAQ section:
No, we don't know when the server will be back up.
- As far as permanent damage there is none, as of right now.
- Rayne has aged about 50 years in the past 2 days
and when the server goes up it will have a lot to do with her.

- Bannah still likes Kpop.


Love you guys! In the meantime check out some of the fun forum games going on right now!

As most of you have noticed by now we've had to remove a few plugins that are fairly cosmetic but we still have grown to see as vital.

A week ago staff and a few players noticed that elevators were getting to be super buggy, more so than usual. We didn't remove the plugin yet cause we wanted to see if we could figure out where the issue was, since so many of us like the elevator plugin. Fast-forward a two days and its gotten major buggy, it rendered a few chunks unload-able so we had to remove the whole plugin as a precaution. It was a high risk that anyone with an elevator could have gotten a buggy chunk that would make their game crash every time they walked in the chunk. Removing the plugin made it 100% safe that it would not happen.

However even though we removed it we had a few errors pop up in the server console that had to do with other plugins causing errors. Due to this you guys saw how the server kept crashing. So many errors were happening the server would manually shut down to prevent damage. The techs and upper staff apologize for this, as it seemed to happen when a majority of us were out of town, asleep, or almost there. As a fix to stop the server from auto shutting down we had to remove a few more plugins that were possibly causing the console to fill with errors.

The plugins removed were Exotic Gardens, Playtime, Fast Craft, Tree Chop, Elevators and a few others that won't effect you guys. Please know these various plugins will be added back soon. We can't add them back all at one time since we are trying to avoid errors and make sure we do not add back a plugin this is not safe. Please keep in mind too that myself (Bri/Glitter), Rayne/Love, Devon/Warning, Bannah/Storm, and Brayden/gz, are only human. Putting together a server is like putting together a puzzle. It takes a little work to get all the pieces to fit together perfectly and to function.

Be patient with us and we will keep things going as smoothly as we possibly can. If you should encounter anything you think is a bug or really odd please /mail send Glitter or Love.

Get your bodies ready for our awesome Christmas Drop Party. This will be the drop party to top all the drop of parties we've ever had! Tons of items will be dropped as a thank you for your love and support you have shown year round. And we do mean the whole year! The anniversary for the server was on December 5th, a whole year we've been up thanks to you guys.

The year has been pretty silly right? What I want to see is you guys put some of your silly and special screenshots in this thread. Let's fill the thread of Minecraft images that make us happy! :D


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of Staff <3
After a long 5 hours of wrangling feral cats, let loose to roam about the server by Bri, we have officially reset the map and are now open for all players to enjoy!

See you in game!
I have claimed about half the map at this point and I've built statues of cats every 15 chunks or so. I plan to change all the grass to purple clay or bedrock, both seem cool. I'll also be making all mesa's have rainbow clay and most important I'm putting random villagers all over the map with the names of cool Kpop Groups.


DISCLEEMER: "In a few" doesn't mean in a few minutes. IT MEANS in a few cat statues.