Let's get down to boosiness and explain this
Trick or Treating Event!

Promptly on Sunday October the 29th at 6pm CST the Halloween Event Arena will be opening and players may flood in! You will be introduced to the sleepy suburb of Sleepy Vale. The Event will last the rest of the night!

Enter the world of Sleepy Vale; the long forgotten suburb that saw a boom in population when emeralds were discovered in her shifting mountains. After the mines shifted endlessly, causing landslides and suffocating hundreds of mine workers within, the industry dispersed as quickly as it came. Some tales say if you walk around the mountain walls you may still hear the cries of workers trying to escape and go home. The mines have never been safe since the day they collapsed, families moved out but some have chosen to stay and hope to someday see the town lively again. Till then the grass grows in patches, a weird wind howls through the trees all the time and it always looks dreary with lightning in the clouds.

For one day only the nice people of Sleepy Vale will be letting players of all sorts visit each home door to door. Players will be given candy which will then give them access to special loot crates where they have a chance to unlock rare items and other goodies!

If you see someone is not home at the time then check back later! However if a home member sees that you have visited on many occasions they will not give you anymore candy!
Don't be greedy >:O

See you there and be sure to wear your best costume!
Hey there friends and family! We're back! After a grueling weekend and working till 4am almost everynight we finally got the Lunar Train going. With this new map we've also made a ton of changes. Fasten your seat belts and hold on to your drinks cause I'm going to walk you through the changes!

Every rank has been changed. All ranks have new permissions and only a few of the higher ranks had changes. What you will notice the most though is some ranks are gone. We had 13 ranks and I felt that number was overwhelming and kind of confusing so most ranks have merged with another. Here's the run down on that.

Default → Wanderer
Earthly →
Zenith →
Spectral → Eclipse
Lunar → Lunar
Stellar →
Galactic → Stellar
Nebular → Stellar
Supernova →
Titan → Supernova
Mythic → Mythic
Ethereal → Divine
Divine → Divine
Cosmic → Cosmic

This may seem confusing for now but I promise in the long run it will make things much more simple. Also if you feel unhappy at all with your rank changes please know we are not done adding new plugins and good perks for all of you. We're just working right now to get the server back up again.

If you have any questions at all about the changes or would to talk about changes to your rank please message me (Glitter) or Storm and we will do our best to compensate you.

  • Politely ask Glitter or Storm - If you bought your things from the webstore Aura/Lunar tell us. We can easily look your name up and restore purchases
  • Politely ask Glitter or Storm - If you sent us a mail with your rank, because you got from a dp or with points, tell us "I sent you a mail with my rank" We have a list of those names and ranks and will have to look at a different list.
  • BE PATIENT - getting your rank back, please. If you see neither Glitter or Storm online then message any staff member. They will message us and we will hook you up as soon as we can.
Hey there guys. So I’m about to drop some heavy news that will affect every player. Starting with the posting of this status the server will have three weeks before we completely wipe the map and update to 1.12.
>Listen to Glitter personally talk about this here<


1.12 is something all of us want, staff and players alike. However due to the huge changes 1.11 and 1.12 make to the way maps are and how some of the basic features function in minecraft, it means we are going to have hard clean the server. I avoided it and put if off for long cause I was hoping it would not need to happen that we need to map reset. But the player count has been dropping recently and it is my strong opinion this is due to the server being two updates behind.

I’m wanting a super reset so all players will start out new with pretty much nothing. Player Vaults will not transfer over. This may sound discouraging and this may make us lose players but I ask that you understand that allowing PVs will just mean players sneaking in hundreds of spawners. That’s not okay. Note: If you’ve purchased cosmic gear, kits, etc we can restore those to you once the new map is up and we are open.

Now I know we just emergency server reset in February so this map has only been up 5 months, for that I am extremely upset we have to reset but it’s either stay 1.10 and keep 10 players max a day or bite the bullet and get us on 1.12. Servers go through phases of having errors happen from time to time and hopefully this is our last hiccup. I’m sure we all miss the server keeping a steady player flow.


There is still something else major to address. The current plugin we use to give players their ranks is called “Group Manager” this plugin stopped getting updated around 1.8 but by the grace of some unknown god it’s remained workable for 1.10. Sadly though after searching all over this plugin is not functionable on 1.12. This means we are going to switch to another rank managing plugin. This means players are going to have to manually be added to their proper ranks. If your rank was not bought through the Aura/Lunar webstore we are going to need you to work with us a little in the next 3 weeks.

To break this down; this means if you won a rank from a drop party, bought a rank with points, or if you have a rank from shimmer days you will need to /mail send Glitter OR /mail send Storm your in game name or any alts you have who have won ranks. It will also be super appreciated if you spread this around to your friends.

If you bought a rank, kits, pets, trails, etc. from AuraVale/Lunarvale webstore then you do not have to send us a mail. As a back up though you may want to keep a screenshot of your receipts you get in your email. If Glitter or Storm are online we won’t need to see your receipts however you will need them if you are redeeming your things to an admin.

If you won a rank in a drop party: /mail send Glitter or /mail send Storm
If you earned a rank with points: /mail send Glitter or /mail send Storm
If you have a rank from Shimmer: /mail send Glitter or /mail send Storm

Not sure which of us to mail or what to say?
If your fave color is purple, yellow, green, white or brown /mail send Glitter "Hey my username is _____ and I am ______ rank."
If your fave color is pink, blue, orange, black or other /mail send Storm "Hey my username is _____ and I am ______ rank."


Things that will stay:
- Artmaps you’ve made. However staff will have to manually give these back to you so please be patient.
- Playtime

Things that will not stay:
- The map
- Claimblocks
- Balance
- McMMo
- Jobs
- Warps
- Home sets
- Mall plots
- Bold Nicknames/ perm chat color Unless you bought the book for them from the webstore

It is currently undecided if there will be a download available for you to be able to save the map.


Again I want to stress, after you rejoin the server when all of this happens you may not have a rank. DO NOT FREAK OUT. kindly message a Tech, Admin or Glitter and they will hook you up.
We're looking at the server being down a total of 3 days at the least from August 23rd to the 26th for these changes to take place.

If there are any questions you want to ask in regards to all of this happening please message myself, Glitter, or Storm/Bannah through discord.
BriGlitter#5649 - bannah#0924​
This is going to be an odd post to make, gonna go ahead and state that, and this will also be very hard to try and word it in a way you guys understand. This has never been an issue on the server before and while only a handful may be contributing to make it an issue I feel like the community needs to be aware of these issues too.

We’re all people in life with our struggles trying to make it through the day. Some of us are teens and preteens juggling making our parents happy, keeping grades up, and avoiding school drama. Others of us are struggling to keep a happy face during our part time jobs and college classes. Some of us are even full fledged adults getting on to relax after wrangling their own kids all day. And some of us just have the unspoken struggles.

All of those struggles can be what really makes LunarVale a fantastic outlet to just relax and be ourselves, throw our worries to the creepers and just make neat shit. However it must be said LunarVale and the community/staff are not certified psychologists.

I’m urging strongly that if you have more stressful issues going on in your life that you make your parents or siblings aware of this more than you tell other players on Minecraft. Telling a friend on Minecraft may be a good outlet for venting but again, we’re not psychologists on the server, you are subject to getting bad advice. Not everyone knows how to offer good advice. I myself can find it hard to offer advice on something I’ve never experienced.

Also as a person who does get to read all messages sent, like all current staff members, I also urge that it’s better to keep some mystery about yourself. Some of you reveal way too much. This is a Minecraft server, keep conversations as Minecraft related as possible.

I’m not saying you can't talk about non-Minecraft things at all, I know a good conversation flow can cover multiple topics, but I do ask you don't get too personal about yourself in global chat or messages.

The daily motions of life can be very overwhelming, I understand that very much. That's why if you are having issues you’d like to discuss there are plenty of outlets. You can message me or any staff and we will help you as much as we can. I also want to leave a list of hotlines that can help more than we could too.
You're not alone, you can talk with someone.​

It happens to a lot of people but that doesn't mean it should. ​

Sometimes you just need to talk it out with a qualified stranger. ​ Text HOME to 741-741

With all of this said I'd also like to link again our internet safety thread as a friendly reminder to keep some mystery to yourself.
As many of you have now noticed the server balance has been reset for everyone. Please before you get mad/annoyed/negative about this please realize I did this for the good of the server and players.
Taking yourself out of your usual view please view the server as a new player. Most people on already have a huge base, that's fine new players can keep up with that. BUT majority of players have a balance of 15 million or more. This can really dissuade a player from wanting to play. They feel they already don't have a good chance of influencing the economy and either don't aim to compete for it or leave the server.

Even usual players now lose drive to compete for baltop seeing how much of an advantage some players have. This is not a bad thing, those players have for sure worked hard for their baltop. I tip my hat to those players for adding competition to the server and keeping players engaged. At some point though when you're so far ahead of the race people won't compete. So due to that I have reset the server balances for everyone.

I did not warn you guys of this for one main reason. I tell you Eco reset is coming and so many players would buy stack after stack of valuable items to be able to sell after the reset, pushing them right back up to baltop.

I thank all of you being understanding of this. And for those who are still upset I ask you please keep your complaints to a hush so as to not damper another players experience.


Here is money cat wishing you good ventures in your new money ventures!
Join us on Saturday April the 15th at 3PM CST ! A unique DP to take place in a new Easter Arena, brought to you by Fleursy, NohwayNoah and BossyB. There is a countdown for the DP on the right side of the website, below the shoutbox. Hope to see lots of you there!

Saturday April 15th - Monday 17th
Fleursy is eggcited to host an eggcellent Easter Eggvent! Count as many eggs as you can and leave a book in the hopper set up at /warp EggHunt ! This will be a super tricky (not like the staff member) eggvent and will take a lot of thinking outside the box, or basket. It will be eggcruciating! Don't egghaust yourself and eggxert too much eneggry try to eggcede the compeggtition. im sorry
Server is back up for good now :) If you find you are missing any items please '/mail send' any of the owners or admins and we will look in to it! If you'd like to add any of the owners on Skype you may.
Be sure to give Bannah a lil toot for all her hard work and help. She lost hours of sleep getting it up as soon as she did.

Owner Skypes
Storm: Bannnnah
Love: RayneGrim
Glitter: Briwitching
Hello precious friends! I hope you are all turning a page for 2017 and facing each day with kindness! I also hope you all make even more super cool friends on the server than you did in 2016. However, with meeting people there are a few things to keep in mind.

Meeting new people can be super fun and exciting, as it should be, but it can also be quite dangerous. Most of you, I hope, have had a parent or guardian talk to you about the dangers of the internet and knowing how smart you are you told them you understand and not to worry. The issue is though sometimes you may not know you are doing something potentially harmful and you should worry, or at least be cautious. Please be very VERY warry of who you add on Skype, Instagram, or Snapchat and all around avoid kik. ​

Now, many of you know a lot of upper staff are a fair bit older than the players so we’ve seen/experienced some scary and dangerous things. The biggest mistake you can make in meeting people online is trusting them too soon and telling them too much information about you. NEVER release your full name to anyone, not even to staff, we don’t need to know it ans will never ask for it. Also avoid having usernames or account profile names with your last name in it, this makes you quite easy to find online. Especially avoid passwords with your name in them. ​

We don’t enforce the rule that you need to be 14 years or older to play however we will be expecting you to act mature enough if you choose to play here. Most of you are teens or are about to be. Your parents are giving you a bit more freedom and privacy. That’s great, however please keep in mind some of these general tips of safety when playing on servers, getting too comfortable with your new found freedom can put you in danger.

Server Safety Tips
1.Do not give out personal information like your full name, address, phone number, etc. Same goes with giving out a friends.

2. If you are talking to someone or see something that makes you feel uncomfortable tell a staff member. We will deal with it quietly and quickly.

3. NEVER agree to meet someone from online unless you have talked thoroughly with a parent about it and they plan to go with you.

4. Don’t post pictures of yourself online.

5. If someone sends you a mail or message that is mean or inappropriate please contact staff. Again, we will deal with it quickly and quietly.

6. Let your parent’s know what server you are playing on. They may be curious what you are doing on minecraft. Show them the server and let them see how much we are here to help you have fun and protect you too.

7. NEVER give out passwords to your accounts or anyone else's accounts.

8. Always be appropriate yourself and keep your chat clean aside from the occasional curse word.

Stay safe and always keep your safety and comfort above anyone else's needs.
Long time no speak! I'm sorry that I have been MIA for the past week or so, but this post will detail a timeline of what's been going on with the server for the past few days.

Friday, January 6th @ 2am CST
The server encountered massive errors, causing it to crash. This crash revealed (and most likely caused) massive chunk errors on a player's land. Their builds and progress was completely reset and the land looked as if it had never been touched.

We started rifling around, looking for errors and trying to find some sort of solution to this problem. We were unsuccessful. The affected area spanned tens of thousands of chunks. We knew as a whole that we couldn't leave the map in this condition, as it wasn't healthy.

I (Bannah) regioned off the affected area to the best of my ability and kept players from entering until we resolved the issue.

We had options at this time. We could try and fix the errors or put in a backup of the map made the previous Monday. If we put in the backup made of the map, all players would've lost progress made for around five days. Myself, Bri and Rayne were being faced with a tough decision after we discovered that we weren't going to be able to fix the errors in the map on our own.

Sunday, January 8th
I left for vacation and while en route, Rayne messaged me, telling me that the server had been fixed, by updating a few files. I was relieved alongside everybody else who was working on the issue. We thought all was well.

Monday, January 9th - 12th
The server went down again, logging over 32,000 errors. We were at a loss as to what was going on, as we were sure we had fixed the issue the previous day. Now, instead of just a portion of the map being affected by the regeneration error, the ENTIRETY of the map was now affected and the server could not be played on.

I can only speak for myself, but i'd be lying if I said that I wasn't dejected and frustrated. We had no clue where to go from here or how to fix this situation. I was out of the state in an area with no internet connection, supposed to be enjoying a vacation. All the while, Bri and Rayne are back home working on the server, trying to give me updates and just figure out why this was happening.

This process went on for the next 3 days. The server was down and we were all clueless as to why the map files were so unhealthy. We were now faced with the prospect of having to scrap the entire map and start anew. We even considered moving the server on to new hardware in an effort to solve this problem. We weren't sure that putting in the backup made the previous week would solve our problem. We didn't know where the problem even began let alone where it was.

We were all ready to give up, to be completely honest. The map wasn't playable and we knew that players would be upset and possibly leave if we had to reverse progress or reset the map all together.

Thankfully, in the end, we were able to solve our issues, only losing minimal amounts of progress.

- Map progress has been reversed back about a week and a half.
(this was unavoidable, and was the only way other than a full reset that we could get the server back up again)
- Some plugins have been removed. We aren't sure that we will ever be able to put them back in. Some or all of these plugins caused massive errors and are possibly the cause of our entire ordeal. We cannot promise if these plugins will ever be put back onto the server.
( Lift, ExoticGarden, and MobArena )
- If you notice any significant changes to anything OTHER THAN your map progress, i.e. ranks or other purchased items. PLEASE contact us IMMEDIATELY.

And finally,
I would personally love to thank all the the administrative team who worked endlessly to figure this issue out and resolve our problems in the most efficient and effective way possible. From the bottom of my heart, you guys mean the world to me and I could not have done this without you and would never want to see a day that you guys aren't working alongside me on this server. Specifically Bri and Rayne, you guys are the heart and soul of this place and I am forever indebted to you both. Thank you for your commitment and coming along with me when I proposed this crazy scheme over a year ago.

Love, Bannah.